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Sacra Moneta
We have been producing duplicated or printed lists of new and secondhand numismatic books, and ancient and modern coins and tokens for sale for almost fifty years. After toying with such names as Coins Ancient & Modern and Patinations, they began to be called Sacra Moneta in 1981 and the name stuck.  Alas, it is no longer economic to write, print and distribute printed lists, so since 2010 we have operated through this website.
Our last issue of Sacra Moneta came out in 2008, since when we have bought the stocks and libraries of several dealers who have given up the trade, as well as collectors’ libraries and the like.  The dealers’ stocks are the reason why many books are listed ‘as new’, or ‘as new but slightly shop-soiled’ because many of the books have been standing around for some time.  The books are technically new, but ink tends to change with time and often spreads to other books in contact with them, or the tops of books become dusty.  In this instance ‘soiled’ does not mean soiled in the sense of ‘that nappy is soiled’, it merely indicates that although the book is new, it has been sitting around for a few years and is not quite as bright as it was straight off the press.
As books sell from the website, they are replaced from several tonnes that are sitting in boxes, waiting to be catalogued and priced.

More or less everything is illustrated, even the cheapest coins, pamphlets and offprints.
You can pay using any one of the usual credit and debit cards.
The entire site is searchable. 

Using the Search tool: if you want to find a particular book, put the title, or as much of it you can remember, into the “Search” box, click on the Search button and await results.  If you can’t remember the title then try the author’s name.  That will bring up every occurrence of that name in the database.
If I can’t remember the title, or the author’s name, I say to my wife, “you know, it’s the thingy book by What’s-his-name, you must know the one I mean”, what I have to do is to feed her one or more ‘key’ words.
You have to box clever on this one.  Putting in the word ‘british’, for example, brings up an impossible number to wade through, and making your request slightly more explicit by adding ‘Museum’ only reduces the number to just over 150.  Putting in ‘British Museum Copper’ brings up just 10 hits – and you have found our stock of Peck catalogues.
Putting in ‘peck’ (it is not case sensitive) brings up 33 hits, for not only do you get all of the copies of his master work, it also brings up all the British Numismatic Journals where he has written an article, and the coins in stock which have been attributed using his catalogue, providing that we have put his name in, in full.  It also brings up one book which it is difficult to see why – until you realise that ‘peck’ is part of the word ‘s-peck-led’ in the description.
You are sometimes also given the facility to search within the results.
A tip — If you are having no luck with ‘China’, try ‘chinese’, which brings up more and different entries, so it is not quite as daft as you might think !  Similarly, searching for ‘french’ instead of ‘France’ brought up 96 items instead of 71.

You can also view books, or coins, by category.  How do you do that?  Go to the olive coloured panel on the left of any page and click on ‘Books for Sale’.
This brings up about 55 icons (pictures of books).  These are not all that we have in stock.  Each picture is the front of two or more pages full of books in that category that we have for sale.  Clicking on an icon you will bring up the first page.  At the centre of the bottom of the page you will see the number of pages more that we have of books in that category. You can navigate each one in turn by clicking on the arrows – on the right arrow to go forward, on the left to go back.
Some of the categories are broad: offprints, for example, brings up nearly 60 pages, each with ten items.  Other categories are smaller.
There are several categories for tokens: 17th century, 18th century, 19th century, British General and Miscellaneous, transport and World Tokens.  Nothing mysterious there – specialist works will be in one of the first three and those books that have more than one category of token in them will be in the general category.  Foreign tokens are under World Tokens.
Much the same applies to ancient coins – Celtic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine – obvious.  Those books that have more than one category within them will be under “General ancients”.
If you are looking for ‘hoards’ then do remember that as well as all those things listed under that category, practically all BNJ and NC volumes will have hoard reports in them.

You may pay by credit or debit card, or PayPal.

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