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Counterfeit Studios and their Coins
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Counterfeit Studios and their Coins

I Prokopov and R Manov 2005  PB  Sofia.  88pp. ISBN 9549139662.

Illustrated by really good 1:1 photographs and enlargements.  The struck fakes are extremely clever, and the products stretch right across the board from humble antoninianii of Philip, denarii of Gordian III to aureii of Didius Julianus, Trajan Decius, Valerian and Gallienus, a billon tetradrachm of Uranius Antoninus of Antioch, various medallions and sestertii. The forgers go to incredible lengths to make their products less detectable, including refining metal from ancient slag deposits and using ground up genuine patina to coat bronze coins. Some of the greek coins are as 'tasty' as the roman examples. Some, such as celtic imitations of tetradrachms of Thasos are moderately common. I was offered a group of these - all fakes - by an english metal detectorist who had allegedly been given them by his neighbour ! The principal author says that considerable opposition was encountered to the publication of this book, not only in Bulgaria, but overseas. Some of the sophisticated pressure cast coins are equally dangerous.




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