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Numismatic Books > Roman Coins > Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum.
Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum.
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Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum.

Mattingly et al. Published by the Trustees of the British Museum.  HB  Set of 6 volumes (in 8 parts).  A standard reference on the subject  Each volume begins with a general introduction to the historical background, a listing of the mints and mint organisation, local bronze coinage, Metrology, Art and portraiture, Fabric and epigraphy, Contemporary forgeries, Types and legends, Modern fakes and forgeries, Finds.  In short most of what one could want to know.  Then follows an introduction to each reign.  A bibliography,  Abbreviations, A key to obverse busts and legends.  Then the catalogue, with concordances and Indexes.  Approx 160 x 240mm Maroon cloth (more or less matching)

Vol 1.  Augustus to Vitellius. ccxxxi + 464pp + 64 plates.  1965 reprint.                       Vol 2.  Vespasian to Domitian. cv + 485pp + 83 plates.  1966 reprint.                            Vol 3.  Nerva to Hadrian.  cxcvi + 640pp + 102 plates. 1966 revised reprint.                   Vol 4.  Antoninus Pius to Commodus.  2 parts. 1968 reprint.  (i) Catalogue and addenda  858pp.  (ii) Introduction, Indexes and Plates cci + index pages 863-964 + 111 plates 
 Vol 5.  Pertinax to Elagabalus 2 parts. 1975 2nd edition (i) Catalogue and addenda  632pp.  (ii) Introduction, Indexes and Plates cclxvii + index 76pp + 97 plates              Vol 6.  Severus Alexander to Balbinus and Pupienus. (R A G Carson) 1976 reprint. ix + 311pp + 47 plates.

Spines of djs all sunned, and edges frayed; tops dusty. All are otherwise in very good clean condition.

Weight of books = 12 Kg

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