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The British Numismatic Journal (and others) - Compilation 1906 - 1958

Many pp + pl. Countermarked Spanish Dollar for Old Canada;  Concerning the Evolution of some reverse Types of the Anglo-Norman Coinage; Review of the 1905 Numismatic Chronicle “.it has not yet dawned up the sleep intelligence of the contributors.”;  Leather Currency (signed by the author); Two Tragedies, a Medieval Charm and a Note on the Mint of Rhuddlan, A Cut New England Threepence Attributed to the Leeward Islands;  A Review of the Pattern Broads of Charles II; Quando Moneta Vertebatur :  The Change of Coin-types in the Eleventh-century; its bearing on Mules and Overstrikes;  The Bombay Pice struck by the English EIC during the Reign of Charles II;  The Die for Stephen's Coinage in the Guildhall Museum, and secondary evidence there of an Unpubl Penny of Henry I. The Coins of Eadmund's Moneyers, Faraman and Ingelar;  An Exhibition of Coins of Henry VIII by R C Lockett (1942-3); The Provenances of the Anglo-Saxon Coins Recorded in the two volumes of the British Museum Catalogue (incl. corrigenda);  The Oxford Mint, 1642 - 6 Unites and Half-unites.  And several other offprints including The Browne Prize Medals by S E Freeman - from Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 1946.

Blue cloth.  Expertly sewn in, so well that they cannot be taken apart !  Cover stained with glue.  


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