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FRANCE Paris. Ballroom Pass. Valentino.

Æ 20mm.  VALENTINO RUE ST. HONORE 359 in 4 lines.  R.  ABONNEMENT above floral ornaments.  VF-GVF*   *US customers please note that this is strict British grading.

According to Galignani’s New Paris Guide, for 1856 Revised and verified by Personal Inspection… etc.  which is an English directory and guide to Paris for supplying the English or American gentry visiting Paris information about everything from comparative tables of French and English weights and measures, laws affecting foreigners, and much else besides, not forgetting descriptions of the Parisian districts, curiosities, churches, and especially ‘Places of Public Amusement’.
Salle Valentino, 359, rue St. Honoré  This is one of the most celebrated ball-rooms of Paris, and certainly the most diverting.  It is divided into two compartments, the first of which is about 9 0 feet long by 36 broad, and the second 90 feet by 64.  The architecture is a medley of the Moorish and Greek; the columns are gaily painted, the the recess, which runs all round with seats for the dancers, is backed mirrors, which by their reflection add greatly to the brilliancy of the scene.  Over the above-mentioned recess runs a gallery, where the spectator may enjoy a glass and a quiet cigar.  Another room for refreshments is below, opposite the entrance.  Here are besides a billiard-table, a tir au pistolet, or small shooting-gallery, a dynamometer for amateurs of muscular strength, and tables where trifles may be raffled for.  When full, the ball-room presents a scene of extraordinary animation, and here may be seen rare specimens of Parisian dancing.  Whenever the policemen’s backs are turned, the cancan reigns in all its glory, to degenerate into a sober quadrille figure as soon as danger is apprehended.  As for the waltz and polka, the stranger may expect top see every variety of embrace, not excepting the Cornish, nay, ursine hug.  The contorsions and kicks some of the dancers indulge in are astounding to a novice in Parisian balls.  The ladies’ toilettes are far from recherchées; and as for the gentlemen, every kind of cut, except the blouse, is admitted.  Admission 2 fr. To 3 fr.

Sold together with its original Barry Greenaway ticket, from the David Rogers collection.



Rumpy-pumpy in Paris.

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