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Bahamas, 1966 set of 9 coins

Brass 1c, Cu-Ni 5c, 10c, 15c, Ni 25c, 0.800 silver 50c and 1 dollar, 0.925 silver 2 and 5 dollars, 1966.  Nine-coin set minted by the Royal Mint, London, 1966 for the Government of the Bahama Islands.   Complete in original Royal Mint case of issue.   Obverse of all coins ELIZABETH II BAHAMA ISLANDS     The coins comprise: Nickel-brass 1c (22.5 mm), Cu-Ni 5c (21mm), 10c (23.5mm), 15c (25mm), Ni 25c (24mm), 0.800 silver 50c (29mm) and 1 dollar (35mm), 0.925 silver 2 (41mm) and 5 dollars (45mm), 1966.  Obverses and reverses designed by Arnold Machin (1911-99), British artist, sculptor and coin designer, who also designed Britain's first decimal coins.. The reverses depict: a starfish, a pineapple, two bonefish, a hibiscus flower, sailing boat (Bahamanian sloop), a blue marlin, a conch shell, two flamingos (the national bird of the Bahamas), and the Bahaman coat of arms.  KM 2-10.

In official Royal Mint case of issue. 
Whilst these coins were sold as 'specially selected' by the Royal Mint, and are therefore technically uncirculated, due to bag-marks etc. we would only grade them as Extremely Fine, or better.

From 1825 until 1965 the Bahama Islands used British coins and the British currency system. In 1966 the system was changed to dollars and cents, influenced by the proximity of the USA and the large number of tourists.

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